Character Change In Lord Of The Flies

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There were many significant characters throughout the novel, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding. One character that changed significantly was Jack. His actions throughout the novel has helped me understand the thought provoking idea that the potential for evil lies within us all.

The significance of the character Jack, was thought provoking to the reader, due to his influential change throughout Lord of the Flies. In the beginning of the novel, Jack turned out to be a civilised, organised and authoritative school boy. However, as time went on and many things changed, Jack slowly succumbed to his true, primitive nature. Once Jack was given the role of Chief Hunter, and was able to kill his first pig, he hesitated and realised “the enormity of the downward strike would be”. As a result of this, Jack didn’t attempt to kill the pig, which shows us his underlying innocence. The longer Jack was stuck on the island, the more his inner savagery began to reveal itself to the audience. This in turn caused him to start trying to “convey the compulsion to track down and kill what was swallowing him up”. This drastic change in character reveals to the audience how influential the expectations of society can impact on human nature. Human nature at its purest form is the primitive, savage part of everyone, which is hidden by the rules of society we must follow to survive in a modern civilisation. Society is a person’s biggest influence. Once a young child like Jack is removed

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