Characteristics Of Odysseus

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A Greek Hero is a man or women, usually of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his or her bold exploits, and favored by the gods. In the book The Odyssey by the poet Homer, the Greek Hero Odysseus and his crew are thought to never come home after 20 years since fighting in the battle of Troy by his family and the people of Ithaca. The poor town is stricken by a coma of grief for their lost ruler. Greedy suitors wanting to marry Odysseus wife Penelope, harass her, Disrespect Odysseus palace by eating all his food and take everything from hi. This has been happening for 3 years. Soon the reader finds out he is actually alive and has been on his way to get home. Throughout the crews journey they have some problems along the way. Odysseus leadership is tested throughout all their adventures in the journey. Odysseus shows qualities of good leadership by being instructive and well spoken, however he is arrogant and puts his men in danger.
Odysseus is a good leader because he is honest with his crew about what he wants and needs from them. In book nine , when Odysseus and his men are in the Cyclops’s cave and have plan to stab him in the eye, “’and I told my men to draw straws to decide to witch of them would share the risk with me- lift that stake into his eye while he was asleep’. They drew straws and came up with the very men I myself would have chosen. There were four of them, and I made five” (Book 9 lines 325-331). The fact that

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