Characterizations In Fahrenheit 451

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In the novel, Fahrenheit 451, critically acclaimed author Ray Bradbury asks the controversial question, what would a world where censorship of creative and differing Ideas is the norm resemble? In Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury envisions a dystopian America in which not only books are censored, but personal thoughts and individuality are constrained in this world as well. Although there are many ways in which Bradbury presents and develops the themes in Fahrenheit 451, the most effective way Bradbury does this is through deft characterizations, he does this specifically through Clarisse Mcclellan and Mildred Montag
Fahrenheit 451 tells the story of Guy Montag, a weary fireman who was initially satisfied with blindly following his orders to
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Waiting for him at home is is his wife Mildred, whose introduction is juxtaposed to that of Clarisse, who is a free and distinct individual whereas Mildred is the product of a world where individualistic expression is looked down upon. Mildred is portrayed as a sickly woman who spends most of her time watching television whilst having Seashell radios covering her ears. She is also concerned with keeping up with social trends such as when she asks Montag to buy her a fourth television just because everyone else has one. One of the first examples of characterizations we see of Mildred is an attempted suicide. This shows her unwillingness to change and ultimately confront her problems. The reason why Mildred is such an important character is because she highlights the flaws of this dystopian society especially marked by her obsession of television and an indifference to Montag’s attempts to connect with her. This can be seen through her cold and distant language. This is especially seen when Mildred asks,”Let me alone, I didn’t do anything.” (Bradbury,25) Mildred's character is interesting because she subverts all expectations of what a relationship in a marriage should look like.
Of the characters of Fahrenheit 451 Clarisse Mcclellan and Mildred Montag stand out most prominently because of their pronounced contrast. On one hand Mildred Montag is the obedient citizen who would rather watch
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