Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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Charles Robert Darwin was a British man who became one of the greatest contributors to the study of evolution. He was a naturalist who was able to develop a theory of evolution based on biological changes that he witnessed occurring in varieties of samples on his travels all around the world. Charles Darwin is valuable in science history, simply because he was the first geologists who had come the closest for closing the gap on how and why biological changes occurred.
The naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin, was born in the 1800’s and raised in a small town of England named Shrewsbury. He lived in that town for most of his young life until he became the age of 16. Young Darwin had an advantage of being a child who never saw struggle ever in his life for he came from a long line of wealthy scientists in his family. Just like any other young child Charles was full of adventures who had loved the outdoors and was fascinated with playing with all kinds of animals and small insects. As young Darwin got older at the age of 16 his father, Dr. R.W. Darwin noticed that his son hadn’t come to him with any interest in a career for himself so he took it upon himself and sent young Darwin off to medical school to become a doctor in hopes to follow in his footsteps. On October 1825 at the age of 16 Darwin was a student enrolled at the University of Edinburgh to study to become a doctor. Unfortunately, Darwin quickly discovered he was terrified of the slightest sight of blood, so he

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