Chasing Heroin Is A Documentary Giving Us Insight Information On The Epidemic Of Drugs Essay

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Chasing heroin is a documentary giving us insight information on the rapidly growing pandemic of addictions to drugs, notably heroin. The heroin epidemic is rising at an alarming rate and cities are struggling to find solutions. The CDC reports that 27,000 people die each year due to heroin overdoses. The jails are filled with offenders, that once released go out and use again, continuing a cycle of insanity without producing answers. Youths experiment with drugs, which is nothing new, but the availability of heroin, meth and the lack of education has contributed greatly to this epidemic. No one seemed to be paying any attention until it reached epidemic proportions, or as some have suggested, became "a white middle class problem" that surpassed the poor minority population. The documentary points to a company called Pharma Purdue, which seemed to have caused a momentum in drug addictions and deaths, after releasing a drug called Oxycontin (Oxycodone). Originally it was pushed as a pain medication, supposedly not as addictive as other pain medications. "Oxycontin was not really a new drug. The molecule has been around since 1916. What they did is, they took this old extinct drug, and they introduced a time release mechanism into it so that it would be significantly less addictive because it wouldn 't be released upfront, all at once. That’s how they pitched it to the FDA" (Katherine Eban, Fortune). Doctors, unknowingly wrote out prescriptions, by the handfuls,

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