Chasing The Scream Chapter Summary

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Both novels spoken about previously share very similar underlying themes. In this next book, the analysis and perspective the author gives are different yet shows similarities in their perspective relating to race. Johann Hari writes Chasing The Scream, which gives readers a new perspective about the start to the War on Dugs, what makes people addicts, and how legalization of some substances has impacted societies. The start to the War on Drugs is a startling reality that Hari shines a light on. The subject of race is emphasized in this book and is shown as the foundation for the War on Drugs. From the beginning of the War on Drugs, racial discrimination was the focus. Hari gives readers a look into the beginning of this war by discussing Harry Anslinger and his determination to be in a position of power. Anslinger was appointed to run the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and from the start he was faced with numerous problems (Hari 2015: 10). He was leading a department that was small and filled with corrupt workers. Anslinger needed a bigger department and after the prohibition on alcohol failed, his department needed to tackle something better. In order to do so, Anslinger made a commitment to eradicate …show more content…

He was able to use the public’s fear of blacks and Hispanics and he targeted the black community. By scaring people into thinking all drugs including marijuana were harmful, Anslinger was able to create one of the biggest departments in the U.S. government. At the time it was easier for white people to be able to blame rage and violent behavior expressed by minorities on their drug use. However, the rage was coming from their anger due to social marginalization (Hari 2015: 17). Johann Hari’s perspective and history into the War on Drugs provides readers with a better understanding in order to assess and understand the issues American society is facing

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