Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

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Essay topic: With the reference to one of The Canterbury Tales discuss, what means Chaucer uses to create the highly individualized (and often comic) characters and how successful is his creation.

The Friar from The Canterbury Tales
Geoffrey Chaucer was a master at creating highly individualized characters who are often comic and realistic at the same time and always have good traits as well as bad ones. The aim of this essay is to demonstrate this ability on the example of the Friar from The Canterbury Tales who is one of the most particular people in the book, and to analyse what means are used to create such a character.
There are three possible places In The Canterbury Tales where the reader can learn something about a character. Firstly, all characters are closely described by an innocent inexperienced narrator in the general prologue. However, this description is highly influenced by the narrator’s point of view which causes that only those qualities are mentioned which the narrator considers important. In addition, the description itself is slightly subjective and it is influenced by whether or not the narrator likes the person. Secondly, one can discover more about the characters in the prologues of the tales as well as in the points where the tales are interrupted by a discussion. This says a lot about the way the characters behave in the real life because it demonstrates what the people say, how they react in various situations and what kind of relationship they

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