Cheating In School Essay

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Each day new innovations shape our world for the better. The American school systems are still stuck in the past, staying behind in this revolutionizing world. Ways of learning are outdated. Cheating is considered acceptable. Schools are permanently shutting their doors. America’s school systems are not meeting the needs of today’s students. School is very taxing on students and their families. A study from The American Journal of Family Therapy showed students have nearly three times too much homework (Wallace 1). Supported by the National Education Association, the standard amount of homework is ten minutes per grade; 1st grade has ten minutes of homework, 5th grade has fifty minutes. Kindergartners are not supposed to be getting 30 minutes of homework, the amount of homework meant for a third grader. Too much homework is unreasonable and unfair. Students are already in school for seven hours, there is no need for extra hours of work at home. Stress affects not only the student, but the parents as well (Pressman 1). Parents feel unable to help their children with an increase in homework. As demands and difficulty increase, parents feel overwhelming stress because of their inability to assist their children. Another study showed 56% of students stated homework was their main stressor; Homework was directly connected to conditions such as ulcers, migraines, weight loss, and sleep deprivation (Enayati 1). Over half of 4,300 students who participated stated they feel there
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