Cheerleading Is A Sport?

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Kelsey Foiles
Ms. Ray
Junior English
Jan. 1, 2017
Cheerleading is a Sport Cheerleading is one of the leading causes of catastrophic injuries in female athletes in high school and college levels, yet people still argue that it is not a sport and how “easy” it is. Reasons cheer is not labeled a sport yet is because all of the benefits that would need to be provided for cheer teams because of title IX, the primary purpose of cheer (not competing), and the fact that cheerleading would not exist if they labeled it a sport because then their primary purpose would be to compete, not lead on their school’s teams. There is no question that cheerleaders, that are competitive, are true athletes and participate in a rigorous sport (Selke). …show more content…

Which, cheerleading 's primary purpose is to cheer on sports teams at their high school or college, not to compete ("Being a Cheerleader"). Cheerleading is not considered a sport because their primary purpose is to cheer on their school’s teams not competing, like other sports (Drehs). It is an athletic hobby for athletes, it just does not meet the requirements to be considered a sport. Although, competitive cheerleading is a sport they cannot label it as a sport because it is not their initial purpose as cheerleaders (Drehs). Training for cheer is not just a one time or a once a week thing it is a constant practice to maintain those abilities (Selke). Abilities that are needed for cheerleading are stunting, tumbling, and dancing so cheerleaders need to weight lift and work out multiple times a week. They work just as hard as any other athletes. Cheerleaders must be able to work together to create pyramids, basket tosses, and stunts in a routine. All of these require timing, teamwork, balance, strength, and stamina which are all clear athlete standards needed to perform in sports(Selke). Most people do not see inside the practices and competitions they just see the cheerleaders on the sideline at a game who entertain the crowd (Bonesteel). Initially they think that it is not a sport because of how easy that looks. Sideline cheering is

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