Chester Bennington : Causes And Effects Of Depression

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Chester Bennington, lead vocalist of Linkin Park, was found dead from suicide by hanging in his Palos Verdes Estate shortly after 9 a.m. on the 20th of July, not even a day after last being active on Twitter. But how can we stop this? Chester Bennington was born on the 20th of March 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona to mother and nurse Susan Elaine Bennington and police detective Lee Russell Bennington. As a child Bennington was a victim to sexual abuse by an older male friend, drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Bennington’s music was his outlet for his traumatic past where he could express his feelings and experiences to the whole world to aid those in similar situations to him, helping them conquer their dark thoughts and inner demons. Did you know that according to SANE Australia, depression affects around 6% of all adult Australians every year? Depression is an illness that significantly affects the way someone feels, causing a persistent lowering of mood. There are many different causes of depression such as, a reaction to a distressing situation; also known as reactive depression, or as part of an illness such as bipolar disorder. Depression can be hard to observe by the affected person as they could act happy and joyful to those around them, but be really down as soon as no one is watching. Some signs of someone that has depression can include: feeling emotionally flat or sad, loss of interest and motivation, loss of enjoyment in activities and changes in appetite or weight. If

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