Chicago Personal Statement

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The University of Chicago would be the ideal university to explore my interests. Chicago is one of the most resilient cities in the country, which causes the members of its community to be as strong. One of my favorite stories is about the rebuild after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. After a two day conflagration the city was decimated, but instead of being defeated, they took the destruction as an opportunity to rebuild. Chicago was revitalized into an improved city. The University of Chicago’s mascot, Phil the Phoenix, perfectly represents the endurance of the city, which is a legacy I want to be part of and contribute to.
I intend to major in physics and a minor in computer science. The University of Chicago is renowned for it’s physics programs. The various labs at the school teaches many branches of physics from astrophysics to nuclear physics. By dedicating four years of learning here, I hope to decide on which branch of physics I will dedicate my life to. I am especially passionate about particle physics, to think everything is made out of atoms and those atoms are made up of elementary particles is fascinating. I not only hope to learn from the professors and the laboratories, but to work with them to understand elementary particles. Research collaboration opportunities at the University of Chicago is not comparable to any other …show more content…

The College has an impressive society filled with over 400 Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). I am actually surprised that there are no Pokemon related RSOs and I intend to create one due to my love for the game. I am confident I will find a place where I can fit in and have the ability to explore, discover new ideas and people, which will overall allow me to discover myself and better utilize my college experience. One of my interests is in intramural tennis and I know that I can contribute to the team, not only physically, but also with a positive

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