Chihuahua Essay

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Chihuahua are my favorite animal in this world. Chihuahuas are incredibly unique in so many ways. No other dog can compare to a Chihuahua. There are multiple reasons why Chihuahuas are the perfect pet. Chihuahuas are very small, have outstanding personalities in their lives, and an extraordinary history. The man and the dog come together. In the first place, dogs have a connection with people on the hunting trail, although, dogs could have helped people for many years. Man’s best friend has provided safety, friendship, and hunting benefits from the day of the early human resolution, in which dogs and humans became excellent friends. “The history and origin of the Chihuahua is a debate fuelled by much speculation and theory. It is …show more content…

Not to mention, they were used for plenty of jobs by people, like herding livestock, pulling carts, to catch varmints, scaring away animals, and hunting predators. Because of these thing, chihuahuas are more than just a beautiful pet to play with. Chihuahuas have outstanding personality’s. They are very respectful, if you treat them nicely, then Chihuahuas won’t bite or bark at you. Accordingly, you need to be responsible and earn the Chihuahua’s respect by taking care of them, petting them in a friendly manner, giving them food and water every day, giving them a bath so they won’t sink, picking up their poop, brushing their teeth so that could have fresh breath, and giving medicine to the Chihuahuas when they get sick, like throwing up or a fever. In addition, their bed, must also be clean and fluffy so the Chihuahuas can sleep peacefully at night and that’s how to get the Chihuahuas respect. Chihuahuas are very playful and get entertained easily, and by just playing with them, they won’t get bored. Simply going to the park to play frisbee, throwing a ball or a stick so the Chihuahuas could play catch with their mouth, and makes them more than overjoyed. Chihuahuas are entertaining, they make adorable faces that will always make you laugh and smile, they are always doing strange things, which are truly amazing to witness It’s impossible not to be entertained by them with the way they act. Then just barking at you

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