Child Labor During The Late 1900 ' S Essay

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Everyone can agree life has it’s wonderful and egregious moments. Some people have a grand life with insufficient negativity. Others people have a miserable life and non imposing. In the late 1800’s and beginning to mid 1900’s, child labor caused several children to have an inimical life rather than a preeminent life. When people read what these children had gone through, they fail to remember to put themselves in the children’s situation; therefore, they don’t understand, nor cease how horrendous life was for the children. Numerous factual documents state how deplorable life was for the children during this era. Furthermore, these documents include the Union-made Cigars, Finding of the Commission, the Law of 1913, the letter from WPA Teacher Union to Governor Lehman, and lastly a telegram from Mrs. of Nassau County to Governor Lehman. Schools today teach this time period to the students and share innumerable certainties of the children’s lives. Ultimately, children in this life span had an atrocious duration. To inaugurate the child labor existence, the leading report selected is from the Union-made Cigars. This first record revealed a label including the president’s seal of approval affirming, “This Certifies, that the Cigars contained in this box have been made by a First-Class Workman, a MEMBER OF THE CIGAR MAKERS’ INTERNATIONAL UNION of America, an organization opposed to inferior rat-shop, COOLIE, PRISON, or FILTHY TENEMENT-HOUSE WORKMANSHIP. Therefore, we recommend

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