Child Marriage Is A Violation Of Basic Human Rights

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According to the PBS video, Child brides: Stolen Lives, 68% of the girls under 18 years old from the northern Rajasthan state in India would become child brides, some even aged between 7 and 12. One 7-year-old child bride said that she knew nothing and had no rights to decide that marriage; marrying to that strange man was considered as an approach to resolve family financial difficulties. This girl would become a full-fledged wife one or two years after the wedding, since which her major tasks were having forced-sex, bearing children and raising a family. In turn, this marriage limited her access to education as well as other economic opportunities.
The life of this girl is one tip of the iceberg of the consequences caused by child and early marriages. For individual girls, on one hand, child marriage is a violation of basic human rights. It puts the girls below 18-year-old in a vulnerable and disempowered position, preventing them from fundamental human rights to education, health, freedom and safety. On the other hand, child marriage exposes girls to infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, high incidence of maternal mortality and morbidity, low life expectancy, inter-generational cycle of violence and all forms of discrimination.
To be specific, first, being neither physically nor psychologically prepared for becoming wives, they will suffer from considerable physical pain and disabilities during continuous forced sexual intercourses. For instance, in the…
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