Research Paper On Child Molestation

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In my research I will be discussing a very difficult and disturbing subject. The content of this topic may not be a pleasurable reading; however it is essential to understand that not every area of victimology can be debated in a civilized manner, especially when aware of the nature of the crime or offense. One of the most traumatizing experiences that a child can ever encounter in their adolescent life is sexual abuse. Child molestation has been inflicted on many children throughout history and most will agree that it is a harmful and despicable act, however do we know why it occurs? Do we know what causes child sexual abuse and does it have the same effect on every child? Are some children even aware of the fact that they are being victimized? There are many questions on this matter that require answers.
This paper will explore as many possible aspects of child molestation to uncover why individuals engage in this act with young children and what causes them to do it. My research will also discuss the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma that sexual abuse may have on a child and how they decide to cope once reaching adulthood. Child abuse can also take place in a variety of different settings that most would not expect, and can be inflicted by people that are our closest relatives and people we view as our role models. An offender of sexual abuse is not necessarily always a male or even an adult as most in society would label, which is another controversial debate

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