Child Soldiers Is Bad Essay

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Child soldiers are a big problem in countries around the world. Just because it is not a problem in our country we should still be informed about it. Child soldiers are victims not criminals. Kids do not know what life is like here in America, or life in other countries. They think it is normal to fight in the military at a very young age. The military leaders brainwash the kids, kids are forced to fight and girls are getting used by the members. People brainwash the children at a very young age into think that it is an honor to fight in the military. Imagine you growing up and seeing videos in the center of the town about joining and seeing people get terrorized for not joining. According to an article, “The Challenges of the African Criminal Court in Prosecuting Child Soldiers”, “Kids are brainwashed.” This evidence tells you that they make the kids think that what they are doing is right but it’s really not. They use many mechanisms to brainwash the children. They often drug them using types of alcohol, and a mix of gunpowder and cocain. The next step is to bring them into a small area packed with children. They then show the innocent kids videos of live or …show more content…

Another thing that the article Armed & Underage stated that many groups use girls as cooks and messengers. Girls are sometimes sexually abused as well. This shows that these kids are not around positive examples and this should not be normal for any child. They already go through enough with the war and it would be so terrible for them to be treated as criminals. You may say that the parents decide and they may discuss it with their kids but Armed & Underage told us that Kids are sold by parents to get money for food and other essentials that are necessary for living a healthy life, this evidence supports the fact that parents do it out of survival and not because that’s what they think is

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