Child Trafficking And The Forced Labor Of Under Aged People Essay

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Introduction Child trafficking is the forced labor of under aged people. This labor could be working in shops, nail salons, plantations, and even begging on the streets. They are mostly trafficked for sexual exploitation. This includes working in strip clubs, pornography, working as escorts or prostitutes, and being sold as sex slaves. In some cases the child is not doing any work against their will, but it is still considered child trafficking because they are minors. Child trafficking is a serious federal crime with penalties than can give you up to life in jail. Federal law defines the recruitment, harboring, transportation, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion as a form of child trafficking. It is known as being modern slavery. Child trafficking cases has been reported in all 50 states (, 2016). Children around the world are being taken advantage of because they are the most vulnerable targets. Some don’t have a choice in whether they want to work or not and are being badly abused or even killed if they refuse to do so. Children are having babies, getting hooked on drugs, being sexually assaulted, used and abused. Some are catching diseases and even dying. They have no one to save them because not many know about this ongoing issue going on around the world. This paper explores the different reasons a child may want to be trafficked and how some are forced against their will. It will also describe
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