Childhood Memory Research Paper

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The childhood memory that vividly can't be erase out of my mind when my grandmother died from cancer and diabetes. It was sad day, as my family seemed clam once everything has been planned for my grandmother funeral. My aunt and uncles rushly have gotten ready, but no one seemed to have told the children to get ready.The memory of that day will forever hunt me for a while ,knowing that my grandmother loved me so much. I was not able to attend her funeral. While everyone seemed occupied. I took it upon myself to get dress, maybe they had forgotten about me with everything that was going on. I was one of my grandmother favorite grandchildren. My grandmother had a lot of grandchildren but I felt in my heart I was one of her favorites. I my mind I told myself that I needed to be there to say good bye to my grandmother and this was the day that I needed to be that big girl my grandmother told me to be. I decided to get creditable myself with what ever efforts to get dressed. Running to the laundry room looking for that floral dress my grandmother bought me, was like looking for a needle in a hay sack. Big black bags appeared all around me, of smelly mildew clothing. Family members implicitly walked around the house with not a care of the children. I impatiently waited and asked my aunt " have you seen my flower dress that my grandma bought me with flowers all over it?" I said …show more content…

Although I can go in very much details of that vividly rememberable day. I will not be able to elicit the facts that my grandmother loved me so much that she came to me in a dream and waved at me and she seemed happy. My grandmother came to see me! At times I can be just as continuous when I talk about my grandma and the good times I spent with my grandma, but for now I will just let you I was definitely loved by my

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