Childhood Obesity In America

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Over time America has become bigger. Not just in population size, but also in pant size. Obesity has been on the rise and children are now being affected at an alarming rate. Obesity can be defined as having an unhealthy amount of body fat. The rise of childhood obesity can be linked to bad diets, family, and a lack of exercise. Being obese as a child can cause serious consequences later in life. Bad diets are a major cause of obesity, especially in youth. Consuming unhealthy food often is linked to weight gain. Food that is high in fat, sugar, and calories are the staples of an unhealthy diet. Fast food has all three. According to studies “adolescents associate junk food with pleasure, independence, and convenience” (Sahoo Par 12). Fast food …show more content…

The fast food is high in fat and an added drink is nothing but sugar. Another factor of a bad diet is over eating or portion size, “Consuming large portions, in addition to frequent snacking on highly caloric foods, contribute to an excessive caloric intake” (Sahoo par 17). Well, unhealthy food is high in calories, it doesn’t fill you up, these calories are known as empty calories. This means kids are eating more calories than they need without even realizing it. When children pick up these bad eating habits young they tend to stick. When eating a plethora of calories daily, exercise is needed to burn the extra calories the body doesn’t need. Children who are not exercising enough and eating too many calories causes obesity. According to the Mayo Clinic, a medical research group, sedentary activities like playing video games have become a huge factor in childhood obesity. Children who are not exercising are not burning calories meaning they are more likely to gain weight (Staff par. 7). With the increase in technology such as cell phones, video games, and computers, children are not getting enough exercise. Children used to get daily exercise in school through PE and …show more content…

Parents are one of the biggest role models to their children. If parents don't buy healthy food their children are going to have unhealthy diets from eating high-calorie food. How much the parents work also affects the children according to Patricia Anderson. Anderson states, “an increase in dual-career or single-parent working families, may also have increased demand for food away from home” (Anderson par. ). When parents work they don’t have time to prepare dinner. Instead, they go to fast food for a quick and easy meal for their family, but the meal is not healthy. The parents are contributing to their children's bad eating habits. Another factor can be genes or ethnicity, some children are at a higher risk for being obese. According to Michael J Wieting, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, genes and ethnicity can play a role in childhood obesity. Children who are of Native American, African American and Mexican descent are more likely to be overweight than youth who are white or of Asian descent (Wieting par. 9). Certain ethnic groups are at a higher risk due to the foods associated with the culture and other hereditary genes. Childhood obesity comes with multiple medical

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