Childhood Trauma

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Childhood Trauma Family violence is always disheartening. Childhood sexual abuse is by far the worse. There are many forms of childhood sexual abuse. The sexual abuse can involve seduction by a beloved relative or it can be a violent act committed by a stranger. Childhood sexual trauma causes psychological, interpersonal, and behavioral. This paper will show a first account of the impact of childhood trauma.

Family History Jewel grew up in turmoil. She found out from her grandmother that her mother didn’t want her. Her granddaddy unofficially adopted her. Her paternal grandmother had 14 children, all of them were bipolar. Grandmother used to beat her husband with a switch if he didn’t clean up his room. …show more content…

What was the person’s reaction to the trauma? Jewel’s reaction to the trauma was self-injury by way of cutting herself on her arms and legs. Also, she had tried to commit suicide several times. She felt as if these things can’t be really happening.

What kind of support did she receive? From whom? Jewel received the support of her paternal grandparents. The paternal grandparents were separated. During the early years, her grandfather took care of her until her mother got situated in her life. The grandmother, who worked as a nurse, supported her with a place to stay for her and her child. This lady from the girl’s home named Annie helped Jewel get acquainted with learning how to take care of herself. Eventually, Jewel received the support of the State-Department of Human Services (DHS). They ended up emancipating her at age 16 and put her up in her own apartment with benefits for her and her baby.

How did that impact the interviewee? How did she cope with that? Jewel felt that she had had a very hard life with constantly struggling to keep herself safe. She didn’t trust people very well. She coped the best way she knew how, by continuing to self-injure herself by cutting her arms and legs, self-medicated with alcohol, and smoked cigarettes non-stop. This led to her trying to find love in all the wrong places; she started to follow the pattern of being in abusive relationships.

To what extent did

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