Childhood Vs Modern Childhood

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Throughout our global history childhood has looked very different in different parts of the world. Those differences didn’t go away as the modern model of childhood developed in the west and non-west countries. There are many variations between the two models that I will address in this paper such as how culture, society, and other things affect these two models. In the film Rabbit Proof Fence the children were born into a world that viewed children as valuable, but only after certain training had been done. The children are taken from their families and forced to obey rules that essentially try to wipe out the culture that they have developed around. Likewise, in modern day western countries children are valued even before they are …show more content…

These inspirations brought child labor in the US to stop and brought forth the views of what was owed to children. Other factors that helped influence this change came from a rapidly expanding market economy that didn’t “need” child/slave labor like it did in the past. The author does a great job at summarizing the change saying that the popular view went from how much can a child contribute economically to society to a view of the possible emotional satisfactions that a child’s development could bring to the family (Fass, 206). With this shift the US also saw a shift towards a great importance in schooling. This was huge for continuing the development of what the modern childhood is like for Western countries. Through globalization these ideas have spread to a lot of other West countries. However, not all children on the globe are treated the same. It is easy to think, “How could they treat children like that?” or “What is wrong with them?” when we see news stories about other countries that treat child labor differently. However, it is important to remember the big changes our society faced such as the abolition of slavery and increased values in childhood. If those changes didn’t occur we would most likely see the same things happening in western countries. For non-west countries livelihood is much different and children are forced to help support their families. This causes a child in non-west

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