Children In The Foster Care System

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Many children are raised within the foster care system. Children within the foster care system and vulnerable children are exposed to many different psychosocial hardships that include a wide range of health problems. Both foster children and vulnerable children are at a higher risk for developing psychosocial and developmental problems along with educational and behavioral stumbling blocks. Most children within foster care systems are there due to family risk factors within the home that include domestic violence, parental mental health disorders, parental substance abuse, and lack of parental care. The health care pathways for children in foster care are extremely scarce. Children in the foster care system and other vulnerable children that are in parental care showed many risk factors associated with their development. Some of these factors were incomplete immunizations, speech delays, and developmental delays. The methods used within this journal article was based on a study of children between the ages of birth to eighteen years of age who attended a clinic because their parents had a substance abuse problem, a mental illness or an intellectual disability. This method also includes children who were referred by child protection services due to concerns. The study was done within a 12-month period from December 2007 through December 2008. Both medical reports and records were recovered from the clinic. This was done so that the necessary data could be recorded for

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