Children Of Israel

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We must press through with our faith! The press helps fight past the weariness that will cause us to stand still if we don’t push. That’s what would happen to the children of Israel every time they came to a hard place. Whenever they would become weary, they would start mumbling and complaining. Weariness leads to disobedience and rebellion. They could not be satisfied. Everything was a burden and whatever God told Moses to do just wasn’t right in their eyes. Because they were tired from traveling, they began to focus on their flesh. Spiritual weariness is not just something that happened back then, we still contend with it today, often with the same response as the children of Israel. However, we know God doesn’t hear or respond to our …show more content…

They opened their mouths, and they became weary. Weariness is not just a physical thing. It is also demonic—a demonic devil that came from fear. When you get under a tormenting spirit of fear, there’s fatigue, depression, heaviness and tiredness that accompanies that spirit. You’ll become so tired you can’t lift one foot up. You can hardly climb stairs and you think that you are sick; but, it’s nothing but a demonic weariness. Why? It’s because they complained and murmured against God. That’s why it’s important that you don’t open your mouth against God’s purpose. If you open your mouth, say something good. Say something about the word. Prophesy! Prophesy over your purpose! Prophesy to the devil about your purpose! Tell every enemy you encounter, “I’m going to the nations,” if that’s what God says. Prophesy your assignment. Tell that devil, “You can’t depress me, depression! Fear you are a lie! You can’t stop me because God told me I’m going to the nations! “He said I will preach among thousands.” What did God say to you? Speak it! Prophesy! Do not merely speak about your problem but speak the solution, which is your prophetic word to set change in motion. Use the WORD. My word says… You might think prophecy isn’t imperative but it is extremely important. You take that prophecy and beat the devil back with it. Take your prophecy and whip his head. War with your prophecy! War with it! That’s your weapon. YOUR DREAM WILL BRING YOU

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