Children Playing in Competitive Sports

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Children should experience the values of playing in a competitive sport. Playing a competitive sport at a younger age will benefit the child in the future with either the mental learning of confidence or physical advantage that can give them many opportunities to becoming successful. Children learn discipline, striving for challenges, working with others and it build s confidence. Sports give the child an activity to do and not being influenced by troubling distractions that come as they get older. Children learn more at a younger age and can give them a better advantage when competing in sports.
Parents encouraging their children to get involved in competitive sports are giving them an early learning path of life skills. Discipline is an
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The most important lesson that is taught to a child who is playing a competitive sport is building confidence. Confidence is crucial to a child because that confidence gives them a high to do their best in everything they do without any worries or doubts in themselves. The St. Petersburg Times points out, “But perhaps the most important benefit of school athletic participation is that it offers the kids a sense of belonging at a time when kids need it most” (2). Every child needs to build confidence at a young age even if that child has a disability compared to a child who is perfectly healthy. Blythe Bernhard writes, “You coach them the same, you push them the same," he said. "The same concept is still there -- if you fall down you get up. We use those sports as a therapy tool to promote independence”. It should make a parent happy that if their child has that confidence and expresses it then they should feel like their child will grow up strong and with their head up high in any obstacle that comes ahead.
Competitive sports bring out several learning skills that a child needs in other areas as they get older. Children absorb better at a younger age because they are still developing. A child ruthlessly going for a challenge, becoming more disciplined, opening up to others, and showing off individual confidence; that is what parents want to see as their children grow. I encourage parents to get
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