Children of Men Essay

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Children of Men
“Children of Men” is set in the year of 2027, when the world is in chaos with the multitude of political and social issues including immigration and fascism. The movie could be classified as science fiction because it consists of two common elements of the genre: a futuristic setting and a dystopian society. There is, however, no advanced technology or artificial intelligence. The cities look just like today, except they are shabby and grimy. Everything is awash in grim to reinforce the theme of a dystopian society. The gloomy setting makes London look like it did in the 19th century with its criminal world of the time. The color palette is stark, favoring grays over other hues. The movie vividly paints a bleak and …show more content…

Theo's rugged appearance and lack of motivation makes him a reluctant hero. In the beginning, Theo is indifferent to the death of eighteen year old Baby Diego. However, his perspective on life changes when he meets Kee, a pregnant woman. Theo, an ex-activist, then is forced to face his own demons and protect the world's last remaining hope. Despite his average profession, he becomes Kee’s protector. This shows that men continue to be the dominant figures in society. Theo represents masculinity, bravery, and courage.
Throughout “Children of Men,” viewers might feel conflicted between the theory of good and evil as they are challenged which side they should take. At the beginning of the film, the audience sees themselves identify with the government, and thus sees the terrorists as evil. As the film progresses, however, the audience learns that the terrorists in the film are actually fighting for a good cause. When the film continues to be unfolded, the audience finds out that the terrorists want to use the child as a tool to gain power. Julian's goal is to help Kee escape to a safe place of safety run by a mysterious group called "The Human Project. Other Fishes have different ideas, viewing Kee's baby as a crucial device for their politics ambitions.

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