Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie The Thing Around Your Neck Case Study

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In The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the power of government structure in Nigeria tends to manipulate and discriminate their own people, programing those who follow that it is okay to be taken advantage of according to where they came from. Adichie uses government scandal, male dominance and culture in order to prove the negative side of power within the stories. In order to feel the characters conflict, she wants to show the audience the pessimistic face of power. “A Private Experience” shows power within religion and the government between two women of different backgrounds come together in order to survive during a riot. According to the knowledge of the unnamed Igbo woman, riots happen are normal in her town and it’s easier to guide Chicka, a muslim woman who came to visit, to safety. The ethnicity of Igbo and the followers of Christianity have a feud with the Muslim people in Nigeria. During the riot, the Igbo woman illustrates the start of the riot explaining an Igbo man ran over a Holy Korean causing his fatal death of being decapitated by a machete by Muslim men. She narrates with longer sentences followed by many commas in order to list the details of the death to illustrate pride within the Muslim man after he, “cut off his head with one flash of a machete and carried it to the market asking others to join in,” (46). Adichie has the woman emphasize the saying of, “a man who happened to be Igbo and Christian” in the most simplistic way,

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