China's Next Big Move

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As China becomes a rising superpower on the geopolitical stage, it now faces itself in challenging situations that can undermine its foreign policies. To say the least, even if China’s economy and power is growing in a rapid rate, the nation now faces itself in a series of political tensions that can affect its standing in the region and in the world. Though as China continues to expand its foreign influences around the globe through its growing military and economic power, the world is current watching and waiting for the Chinese government’s next big move. This next move begun in the form of China’s build up in contested islands around the South China Sea and its growing tensions with Japan over the contested island in the East China Sea. China’s maritime disputes, between the nations of Japan, Brunei, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, is the new political hotspot that is becoming an important topic in the global political stage, with even the United States getting involved. These six countries lay overlapping claims to the East and South China Sea, because the area is rich in hydrocarbons and natural gas and also because the area is important as a commercial shipping route. China seeks to use the islands to expand its maritime presence and has been growing its assertiveness from regional claimants like Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The increasingly frequent standoffs range from, the Diaoyo/Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea against Japan, and the

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