Chinese Japanese And Japanese Differences

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Ramiz Ahmed
November 19, 2014
Mr. Dinkelman, Per. 5
Chinese and Japanese differences in Imperialism: In the past, many countries all around the world experienced imperialism. These countries desired for a better country and for much more power by taking control over other parts of the world. China and Japan are two countries that experienced imperialism. However, these two countries had different views on how they would imperialize. China imperialized without modernizing while Japan did. Even though China and Japan both imperialized with dissimilar views while experiencing western penetration in the 19th century, Japan’s industrialization provided greater gains for their country than China’s cultural chauvinism did for them. To begin with, China didn’t really modernize which eventually hurt them. China started to develop a sort of cultural chauvinism, in which they believed they were greater than other nations. This is because China believed they were the center of civilization, and they had a longer recorded history than Europe. This became a major problem for China as they refused to modernize like many other nations did. China despised Europe for certain reasons, such as how they smell bad. China didn’t want to trade with Europe but, soon, Europeans began to trade Opium to the Chinese people who started to trade this drug around China. Opium caused a major issue for the Chinese as it formed many addicts. As the Opium trade increases, from 1800 to 1839, the Chinese…
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