Chivalry Vs Chivalry

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Chivalry--it is a word everyone has heard at least once in their lifetime. The word is no longer used to describe brave knights who fought for the love of their loyal ladies. Over hundreds of years and many lifestyle changes, chivalry has shifted and morphed into something new to fit the current generation. Chivalry changed over the ages from lifestyle and technology developments, as well as comparing the Medieval version of chivalry to the more modern aspect of it that we have now.
One of the most important things to be addressed is the definition of a few keywords: chivalry and knight. Chivalry, is defined as the Medieval knightly system with a religious, moral and, social code. Knights had a very strict code to obey known as The Code of Chivalry. A knight is somebody who served someone of a higher power, usually a lord, king, or queen. They were trained from a young age and served in a military capacity, usually on horseback or on foot.
Most of the sources used were books, simply because there were few valuable websites to use. One of the books, titled Knight by Robert Jones had a fair amount of important information. There’s also a youtube video thrown in as well. Many sources who had similar information, but each had a different perspective.
Before the comparison battle can begin, we must learn of the now ancient background of the knightly system and how it came to be. The biggest contributor and kick start of knighthood was Duke William of Normandy. “After the

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