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Choose What Defines You
I’ve always been interesting in cosmetics. As a child, I would go into my mothers makeup and smear lipstick all over my face and spill nail polish on the carpets trying to paint my nails. And yes there are pictures. Getting older I would watch my sisters do their makeup and then watch youtube videos on it too. After graduating high school I was lost. No direction of what I wanted to do with my life. With a gap year not being an option, thanks to my mother, and not wanting to sit in another math class again I turned to what I loved most cosmetics. Cosmetology was daunting. Hair is definitely not my forte but skin was different. And with that I knew what I wanted to do. Not thinking twice I enrolled in esthetics …show more content…

I begin my rhythm as all my thoughts slowly fade as my hands glide across their face. As they still sleep on the bed I get ready for extractions, I'm sure they will wake up soon enough. As I press, clogged pores begin coming out of their skin, as gross as it is it's like a game to see how much can I get. Next up high frequency, serum and mask. They question, “Why are you doing that?” “What's in that?” “Why is that good for my skin?” Can't you just fall back asleep? I liked you better then I think to myself.
Like Rose’s mother, Rose, I need to take care of customers physiological needs even if I have my own to worry about. The sense of touch is found to be therapeutic. This can often lead clients I'm working on to open up to me about stress they have in everyday life or big events. I've found that people don't usually want advice but just someone to listen and vent to. I celebrate or grieve with them as I comfort them through touch, more often than not without speaking at all.
As with most things in your life you need to learn to work smarter so, ergonomics becomes key. Not only in your work space but posture as well. If I don't adjust the height of the bed or chair to be ergonomically correct I'll be slouching or reaching my arms too far. In turn this will tire me out and cause further problems down the road. Not to mention I’m in a time crunch, I have a set time it

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