Choosing A College Involves Researching Multiple Factors

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Choosing a college involves researching multiple factors, such as program requirements, transfer credits, costs, and more. Compiling a list of personal, professional, and academic goals, and how you will accomplish them, is the first step to finding the right school for you. Once you have identified several programs that meet your needs, there are additional criteria you can use to compare your options and find the best fit. Add quantitative data, such as retention and graduation rates, to your school search to help you narrow down your choices and compare schools. College and university data is available online from multiple sources, including: Government websites: The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) collects an extensive amount of information from higher education institutions; they make it accessible through The College Navigator. Use this site to search for information about a particular school or to find schools that match your criteria (e.g., major, location, costs). You can even conduct a search for "distance learning only" opportunities.
School websites: Colleges and universities share a wide-range of information about academic and non-academic resources on their websites. In addition to details about majors and services, you 'll find reports featuring graduation rates, student-to-faculty ratios, and more. Use an online search engine find the websites of schools you are interested in attending, then follow the menus and site search options to explore the
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