Chris Mccandless Betrayal

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In the summer of 1990, Christopher McCandless dropped off of the face of the earth. McCandless ended all contact with his family, told no one where he was going, changed his name, and abandoned all ties to his previous life. There have been many disputes as to why McCandless chose to embark on his adventure. Based on the information presented in Jon Krakauer's novel, Into the Wild, it seems that Chris McCandless’s ultimately unsuccessful journey was spurred by his desire to escape his emotional baggage and monetary stress from his life in Virginia.
Chris McCandless’s journey was prompted by his desire to run away from his failed personal relationships. McCandless had been unable to find happiness at home due to his discovery of his father’s familial indiscretions. On a previous road trip to California, McCandless had made the discovery that his father had led a double life by continuing his relationship with his ex-wife Marcia and that “two years after Chris was born, Walt fathered another son-Quinn McCandless- with Marcia” (121). Chris McCandless’s father had broken his heart and his trust. This betrayal ignited McCandless’s hatred towards his parents and the overall injustice in life. He began to shut down and hide his vulnerability from the world, which caused him to make rash decisions and seek happiness and acceptance in other aspects of life, such as running away to Alaska. McCandless had convinced himself that personal connections were toxic and unnecessary and
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