Christ Is Our Savior And Redeemer

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Christ is our savior and redeemer he sacrificed everything so that we may live. We should at least know where he came from and what he did. Here are only some of the accounts what and how Jesus lived through his time on earth. Throughout this essay we will also answer some common questions. But first here is a little bit of his background.

Matthew 1 and Luke 3 lay the genealogies of Jesus. They both are different. So you may ask how Jesus can come from two genealogies. Well there are many theories the two main theories are that One goes all the way back to God while the other goes back to Abraham and the other is that one is Mary’s and the other is Joseph’s.

When Jesus was a little boy he was the perfect child, when he turned twelve it was his right to enter the temple for Passover. While there he asked very insightful questions even some of the priest were impressed with. While he was sitting and talking in the temple the time came for Jesus’s mother and father to leave. When they left to go home they had assumed Jesus was with some friend or family. When in reality he was sitting and talking with the priests. When Joseph and Mary realized that Jesus was not with any family or friends they began to worry. When they finally found Him, He was still talking with the priests! When his parents saw him, they were very jubilant but also a little upset. His mother said to him, In Luke 4:48-52 “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously
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