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Roomaker says that Christians must “criticize the work of art as it offers itself” (The Christian and art). This means we need to look at the elements of the art its self and its historical context, not the artist’s worldview to interpret the work of art. He says that this is important because it helps art observers avoid taking God’s place and judging the artist. In order to evaluate the work of art on its own merit, we must understand the tools an artist uses to communicate.
Artists primarily convey meaning through the artist’s toolbox. This toolbox includes physical features such as line, shape, volume, mass, light, volume, value, color, and shape. Artists can also reveal their meaning through repetition, highlighting, and proportionate …show more content…

Art and the Christian Spiritual Experience
Since artists’ creativity is a reflection of the image of God, it is important that we understand their meaning before rejecting their work. On the most basic level, we should appreciate the work of art because its creativity and order reminds us that all people are created in the image of God. Beyond that, we don’t always understand creativity at first glance. We need to be careful to not reject a piece of simply because we don’t understand it because misunderstanding an artist’s work can lead to the rejection of a God honoring piece and a missed opportunity to understand its meaning.
God intended for us to understand the artist’s meaning because he regards the arts as essential (Ryken 59). God instructed the builders of the tabernacle to include non-utilitarian but beautiful pieces of art (Exodus 25). He gifted the artists with their artistic abilities (Exodus 35:30-36:2). God revealed himself to us through the Bible, a literary book filled with stories, parables, and psalms (Ryken …show more content…

Paul referenced the culture of the Greeks when sharing Christ with them, so we will follow his example. When we see a sculpture in a museum I will take the opportunity to explain its historical context. When we are painting together as a family I will take the time to explain how our creativity reflects the image of God. I will tell my kids to take their time and do their best because God values beauty. When I help my kids with an art project for school I will ask them how their piece fits into the art conversation. I will incorporate culture into the education of my

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