Christianity : The Absolute Truth Of All Things

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Of all the religions I 've studied, I can relate most to Christianity and I believe Christianity encompasses the absolute truth of all things. Christianity makes the most sense to me on a variety of levels. My own personal experience with Christ, the philosophical and scientific answers it provides, the uniqueness of the scriptures, the character of the Old Testament prophets and Jesus, the transforming power I have seen it have on others and the hope it provides are a few of the factors that led me into Christianity. I don 't consider the crux of Christianity to be religion, I think it is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I heard one pastor ascribe the mantra of religion as "I obey, therefore, I am accepted" and the mantra of the gospel is "I 'm accepted, therefore, I obey". I also think that nominal Christians have turned many away from the truth of the this faith. I grew weary of the "church people" and was turned off by the hypocrisy I was experiencing. This led me on a path of agnosticism with bouts of atheism for awhile. When I was 22, my pregnancy led me to really became deeply aware of my sins which led me into prayer and a turning away from those things. After my son was born, I was so full of love and appreciation towards God and I was determined to get to know everything I could about Him. I don 't think I would have come to that kind of love and appreciation if I had not first be made aware of the gravity of sin as the bible describes it. My first
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