Christmas Carol Analysis

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Cesar Granda
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When reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens you realize that Scrooge’s childhood has a huge impact on his adult life, his adult self is a mirror image of his child self, both in his emotions and relationships. This becomes apparent when the ghost of Christmas past appears and takes Scrooge on a journey back into his childhood days. His childhood really molds Scrooge into the person he becomes later in life. Scrooge was a lonely and withdrawn child because he lost connection with the only parent he had left after the death of his mother at childbirth. His father sends him away to boarding school and refuses to allow the young Scrooge to return home. This disconnection from the only parent he has
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By the end of A Christmas Carol, Dickens shows that even though everything in Scrooges life seemed irreparable given the childhood he had, it still was not impossible for Scrooge to change. Dickens uses Scrooge as an allegory for all men to show that it is not impossible for man to

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