Christopher Columbus Book Report

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Reading excerpts for Christopher Columbus Journal, we can see that Columbus had many reason that he felt like he could come to this new land and just take it over from the natives. Some strong points being that; they knew nothing about weapons, they were strange did think that was not of most humans but servants, and they were not Christians or had no regulon at all. With these observations Columbus knew that it would not be so hard to take them over or would it?
The very first things Columbus noticed about the natives was that they knew nothing about weapons. “weapons they had none and they were not acquainted with them.” He even tried to show them how to use the weapons but upon showing them all they did was grab the weapons by the blades and cut themselves. Then when looking at the weapons they did have they were mad of fish-bones and had different things on the end. All this showed was that if Columbus wanted to take them over if would be easy because they would not …show more content…

Coming to this conclusions Columbus felt that he could teach them a new language and it would please the King and Queen of England. This would be a big plus being that religion was a part of the England.
Excerpts from Christopher Columbus journal of his voyage showed him how easy it would be to come over and take over the new land that he had found. With seeing that the natives had no knowledge of weapons, was very ingenious, and how get the chance to turn them into Christians. I feel that this was very good observation that Columbus had made, this showed that he had a plan and was not just about to come to these people land and take it over without knowing who they were and what could have done to him and his

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