Christopher Columbus Racism

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When it comes to racism in history there is a variety of innocent nations and races that unfortunately had to go through many inhuman and disturbing situations. The surfing of these nations and races were uncalled for and just brought pain and sorrow too these nations. Although there is a verity of nations and races that had to go through this depressing and difficult time one nation stands out from the rest. The one nation that stands out from the rest are the Native Americans. The Native Americans stand out from the rest when it comes to racism because they were seen as less of a human in the eyes of Christopher Columbus and his men, the Native Americans were forced to accept a life style they were not accustom to and as well as they …show more content…

if he would have asked that question and treated the Native Americans differently there would not have been so much sorrow and death to his name. Christopher Columbus did not only force them to look for good out of their will but he kidnapped and made the Native Americans work under disgusting conditions in mines in the process to find gold. By this time Christopher Columbus had made his mark on the Native Americans it was too late to come back from the disturbing trauma he and his men had put on the Native Americans. He also assumed that they did not have a god they worshipped and he saw how quick the Native Americans were fast when it came to learning new things. So, in his mind he thought that the Native Americans would be good slaves and as well as good Christians. As Christopher Columbus did this he would enslave a few of Native Americans at a time and ship them back to where he belonged just to prove that he was doing something productive to the king and queen. Do to the immoral and disturbing actions that Christopher Columbus had towards the Native Americans caused the race to be at the verge of being extinct. From forcing them to work in terrible working conditions to find gold to enslaving them to becoming “Christians” was the tip of the iceberg. Christopher Columbus and his men had no pity on this nation and they did not really care if the race was wiped

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