Christopher Columbus : The New World And Forever Changing The Americas

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In 1492, a European named Christopher Columbus was the first person to discover the new world and forever changing the Americas. This discovery caused a chain of events that would bring many European to the new world. However, not everyone found their journey to the promise lands without great suffering. The Spanish and the English colonists traveled to the new worlds with hopes of new beginnings, great wealth & power, but were unaware of the difficulties and hardships that lay before them. Both Colonies experienced the same problems and managed some of the issues the same and others differently. the Hispaniola colony of 1493 and the Virginia colony of 1607 Colonies had the same settlement’s purpose but different leadership styles …show more content…

More people would have died and the end would not have changed. The Spanish and the English should have colonized slowly to gain the trust of the natives instead of showing up with their large ships, horses, weapons, and armor in a show of force and dominance. Another example of parallel paths between the colonies is the leadership’s poor selection of town locations, the Spanish town of Isabella and the English town of Jamestown. The Spanish had opportunities to select good land in Hispaniola that would benefit the colonists in terms of food, fresh water and good harbors but rather choose lands that had plenty of building materials and open lands (Herrera). The Spanish leadership also wanted to be closer to Monte Christo near the country of Cibao where the leadership had been informed of great riches of gold mines (Herrera 2). Having said that, the Spanish town of Isabella was located up a river with all the materials needed to build a fort but the people were too tired from the voyage to transport material, build & plant crops. Another example of poor leadership and greed is when the Indians tricked the admiral into thinking Cibao was nearby. The leadership send 12 ships back to Spain to bring reinforcements and supplies (Herrera 2). While the 12 ships were

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