Christopher Columbus Was Born In Genoa, Italy, 1451. He

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Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy, 1451. He died on the 20th of May, 1506. His father was a rich wool worker and merchant. After nearly dying in a shipwreck in 1476, Columbus became a chartmaker with his brother for a short time. However, he missed the sea and became a seagoing merchant. He had been a sailor for all of his life and began to look for support to cross the Atlantic in 1484 from King John II of Portugal, who refused to help him. He then asked the King and Queen of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella, who refused him twice, but finally gave their consent. Although Christopher Columbus is regarded a hero for the great discovery of America, he was a villain because of the ambitious, greedy, and dishonest ways he used…show more content…
Fourth: that if any controversy or lawsuit should arise over such goods, he or his officer should be the only judge in the matter. Fifth: that in fitting out all expeditions for trade or discovery he should be allowed to furnish one eighth of the cost and receive one eighth of the profit. On these conditions and no others would Christopher Columbus undertaker perilous journey into unknown sea.”

Not long after he set sail from Palos he found one of the ship 's rudders did not work very well. Instead of turning back to the mainland and having the risk of his men deserting him and maybe never get the chance to go to Asia, stopped at an island. The ship 's carpenter had to do extensive repair that was not just needed for the rudder, but all over the ship. An easier way to overcome this would be if he just went back to the mainland to make sure it was done properly and with better supplies. His ambition, however, to make his fame and fortunes with this journey meant he could not return.

One of the large items that pushed Columbus’s ambition was his greed for gold. As he was wandering around for the first week, after they had discovered the land, he went from island to island as if he was in a trance looking and admiring all the new and strange trees, bushes and animals that were so strange to him. However at the slightest mention of gold he immediately snapped out and of his daydreaming mindset to try
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