Christopher Farez. Professor Leanne Warshauer. Eng 206

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Christopher Farez
Professor Leanne Warshauer
ENG 206 M/W @ 2 PM
14 Feburary 2017

Questioning Your Belief Belief and our actions define who we are and how we behave towards ourselves and those around us. Peoples beliefs have been questioned throughout history and will always be questioned. In “Young Goodman Brown”, author Nathaniel Hawthorne illustrates how a man questions his faith and belief, leading to him to go out and to meet with the Devil himself. In turn the man, Goodman Brown, doesn’t believe in anyone in his town again. Shirley Jackson the author of “The Lottery” illustrates actions such as sacrificing others is defining the people of the town almost primitive which leads to those who are going to be sacrificed to question …show more content…

Not only does he trust her, but the other around him as well becoming sad and dark person until his death realizing that those around him have been lying to him all his life and he as well loses his belief and gaining fear in humanity after that night in the forest. (Hawthorne 12-13). In “The Lottery” however, the author Shirley Jackson uses the narrator describe the sacrificing as somewhat normal to the town and its people. In reality though it should be taken out of society altogether and the townspeople should consider stopping what they are doing rethink the belief that this really working to benefit the town because this belief is causing them to just kill off families and no one questions except when Tessie Hutchinson and her family is selected. This can be seen when Tessie realizes that when her family pulls the paper she quickly screams out that it isn’t fair for this to happen to them, but ultimately she is silenced quickly by the townspeople throwing the stones at her. (Jackson 174). The people of the town didn’t even bother to listen to what she had to say instead followed the old and outdated tradition set in place. The fear of change has a great impact on them because the townspeople don’t know what will happen if change were to come. One of the townspeople, Old Man Warner, is so indoctrinated into the belief that this is the only way to live that expresses if the tradition were stop the town and the people living in it

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