Chronic Pain Informative Essay

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Millions of people suffer with chronic pain; making it the top reason people go see the doctor. With a price tag of at least $635 billion a year, that’s more than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined. While powerful painkillers help many folks cope, many people don’t want to have to rely on a bottle of pills for the rest of their life.
Dr. Fatima Salas, with the Grace Health System Pain Management Center, says many patients are concerned about dependency or addiction. “People say ‘I want to feel like myself again and clear-headed.’ They want to try everything else before resorting to drugs.” Dr. Salas will work with you to develop the best line of treatment for your chronic pain—with and without drugs.
One popular pain therapy is nerve blocks. There are several different kinds that your doctor …show more content…

They include chiropractic manipulation, massage and physical therapy. Many patients who tried spinal injections found them to be very helpful, although the techniques their doctors used varied. One of the top treatments, though, is plain old exercise. While many people with chronic pain are scared to move, experts say exercise could be considered as close to a magic bullet than anything else.
When pain patients get a move on, they are often pleasantly surprised at how well they feel. In fact, a recent survey of more than 14,000 people, Consumer Reports found the best pain reliever was exercise. Dr. Salas adds exercise and losing weight “benefits your overall health, as well as pain.”
Doctors say spinal cord stimulation is also very effective for most chronic pain, if appropriate. It involves electrical stimulation of the spinal cord to interrupt pain signals from the spinal cord to the brain, and to trade a painful sensation with a more pleasant tingling sensation. Unlike other remedies, stimulation can be tried on a temporary

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