Chuck Goulding

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The individual who was interviewed for this assignment was Chuck Goulding, owner of Goulding Publications. He has been the owner of a publications business, which has been in business for twenty-five years in Canyon Lake, California. We have been friends for those entire twenty-five years. When considering who to interview, Chuck was one of the first individuals that I considered talking with. We had the chance to meet and review many of the suggested questions. When first meeting with Chuck, I was interested in how he was able to find success in the paper printing business, when it appears that today media is going toward a digital format. He understood that concern sharing that location a “niche” that needs your business is critical. After …show more content…

Without a strong work ethic, he felt that many are only setting themselves up for failure. He has seen both good and bad. Changes for typesetting to desktop publishing have reduced cost. But, one needs to remain current in industry trends to take advantage of the advances in technology. He did omit that his business plan wasn’t very formal when first starting. He had experience, knew what he wanted to accomplished, was very driven, have sales skills, and refused to take out any debt when first starting the business. The debt part was something that he keeps making references too. Since the business model is smaller, income was what determined if additional employees were …show more content…

Most of his cutbacks have been in personal profits. Several times he made reference to having a regular source of income. He published a local community paper. Over the years he has always been looking for ways to make the business grow, but would not take changes that required extra debt. He was working with several Entrepreneurs who were interested in publishing a monthly high school football magazine. They found a popular ESPN announcer to being clout to the magazine, they had passion and were every talented. The problem was that they had no sales

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