Circumstantial Events In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby, as written by Scott Fitzgerald, is a story described by Nick Carraway, during the year 1922. Circumstantial events involve several characters to include both direct or indirect contact, demonstrating significant experiences associated with the extravagant lifestyle related to money and fame. An explanation of events leading to Gatsby and Carraway’s friendship is included, providing a description of significant events during their journey, which unfortunately led to his association in criminal acts, and eventually his murder. In addition, acts of infidelity, creates a negative relationship between couples, resulting in secrecies, unremorseful acts of inappropriate behavior, and eventually the loss of life. The Great Gatsby first begins with an inspirational comment made by Nick’s father, informing Nick that “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone,” “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had” (Fitzgerald 1), providing an indication that Nick’s father was a dramatically down to earth person who recognizes that there are those who less fortunate, and that Nick should always take into consideration that he has lived an advantageous life over most, and to always remain grounded. Shortly after, Nick describes previous life events to include his life as a soldier and his involvement, as what is known as the Great War, which eventually describes the events which led to an explanation of how he arrived to his

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