City Of Thieves: A Literary Analysis

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A terrific book is a piece of writing that is immensely riveting and interesting, that it draws the reader into the emotions and drama of the story, and makes them turn the page to see what will happen. (Correct Use of Modifier) An excellent book also incorporates action and dilemmas which give the reader choices about how they think the characters should respond or behave in certain instances. The key elements of a great book are its characters, the challenges they face and the development of the protagonist or antagonist as the story progresses. (Capitalization of Title) In City of Thieves, by David Benioff the book has all of these elements and a great story line. The reasons why this book is so great is because of the character development, …show more content…

One of the ways the setting is so impactful throughout the book is it shows the decay of a city and country through an awful winter. The setting is so important during this book because it adds to the challenge that both Lev and Kolya face. A scene that really demonstrates the utter atrocity and discrepancy of the setting in the book is when they find the young boy at the chicken coop. During which, they see the boy cold and dying of starvation. One of the most powerful quotes in the book is, “The fierce souls who survived winter after winter in Siberia possessed something I did not, great faith in some splendid destiny, whether God’s kingdom or justice or the distant promise of revenge. Or maybe they were so beaten down, they became nothing more than animals on their hind legs, working at their masters’ command …. and dreaming of nothing but the end.” (Benioff, 34) This brings perspective to the reader and shows them the hardships that people faced each day. Lastly, the most important characteristic of the setting in the book, were the morose people of Leningrad. The reason why the people are so important to the setting of this book is because they add a depth of detail that cannot be described by the landscape of Leningrad itself. The people’s suffering is represented strongly in one quote, “You have never been so hungry; you have never been so cold, when we slept, if we slept, we dreamed of the feasts we had carelessly eaten seven months earlier.” (Benioff, 1) This quote shows how the people suffer and how remiss they were about the food they had available months before. Another powerful example of how desperate people were, was when you hear of them eating paper mixed with glue just to fill themselves up, or even saw dust. The setting in this book adds a tremendous amount of detail, (Active Voice) and

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