Civil Disobedience, By Dr. Martin Luther King

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There have been many people that have partaken in the act of not following, or breaking a law that they personally have deemed unjust throughout history, or taken part in civil disobedience . Socrates as well as Dr. Martin Luther King have done this. But the question of whether or not we should be required to follow a law that one personally believes is unjust is very hard to answer. Nevertheless, I believe that we should in fact be able to disobey a law and or a decision that we consider to be unjust. However, in saying this there are some guidelines that come with this. I am not saying that one should just have a complete disregard for the law, which would result in chaos and there would not be a civil society. Nonetheless, what I am…show more content…
Subsequently, if a person or group decides that the law is unjust, then they must decide to react appropriately. However, in the case of where the unjust law that is trying to be undone will result in a greater injustice, the law should remain the same and the group or person must not act to try and change the law. Moving on, there is a vast difference between a group of people participating in civil disobedience, where a person or group breaks the law with the knowledge an acceptance of the consequence, and just sheer violence in response to an unjust law. The whole point of participating in a protest against an unjust law is to bring awareness and conversation about it and try and rectify the unjust law with a just one. Therefore, to involve one’s self with a violent unjust act against the unjust law you are trying to protest against out of spite and do not want to accept the consequences against the people that are enforcing this unjust law will result in a loss of legitimacy for your protest. Socrates puts it in a very simple way, “Nor must one, when wronged, inflict wrong in return” Socrates saying this gives a reason why he does not try to bribe his way out of prison. So, this is the difference between someone who is breaking the law on purpose who wants sincere change, and someone who is just retaliating out of anger of the unjust law. For this reason, it would be counterproductive to strike back with utter
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