Civil Rights And Human Rights In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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Most people in the world today live with many kinds of freedom. For example, freedom of speech and freedom of marriage is stated in constitutions of many countries. Recently, the right of free access to information is also an important right of every citizen. However, there are countries that make light of these civil rights. China bans use of websites that are inexpedient for their governing, thereby violating its people’s right to access information freely. Lois Lowry’s The Giver introduces a world similar to China. In it, the hero Jonas lives in an extraordinarily safe community with his family, with no memory and knowledge about colors, animals, wars and so on, which people in the real world do have. His father is a Nurturer, who is in charge of raising newborn babies and infants. His mother works in field of law. He has a younger sister, Lily, and also has a baby named Gabriel in his family. There are many restrictions on his life, but he is not aware of them. One day, he is selected to receive the “Memories of the World”, and begin to realize how the world he lives in works. Lois …show more content…

In this world, people are required to use “precise” language, which can have many evil effects on them. People do not have access to true information, which make it impossible for them to take control of their own lives. Marriage and children system is controlled by the government, which causes lack of feeling of love in people. Compared to the world of The Giver, the real world is a much better place. People know that they have rights, exercise their rights, and even rise to protect their rights when they are violated. It is not impossible for this world to turn into a world similar to the world of The Giver, where people lose their rights and humanness, so we should treasure the condition in which we live

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