Civil Rights Movement : North Carolina

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The Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina North Carolina, like all southern states, experienced a civil rights movement after the Civil War. This movement would last for over 100 years until 1965 with the signing of the Civil Rights Act. While the term “civil rights movement” focuses on ending segregation and discrimination towards African Americans, there were other important freedoms and rights fought for in North Carolina. In addition to race; gender equality and voting rights, as well as, academic freedom were significant struggles during the civil rights movement in North Carolina. North Carolina is a state that has struggled, and continues to struggle, with civil rights and because of these battles is sometimes overlooked as a contributor in the fight for equality. North Carolina is located in the area often referred to as the “Bible Belt”. States located in this area are often deeply conservative, have a strong, literal belief in the Bible and hold traditional values. The majority of the population of North Carolina in the 20th century was very fundamental in their beliefs and considered the Bible to be literal in its teachings, including that God created the earth in seven days. Conservative Christians had a stronghold in politics and in government. The teachings of Charles Darwin and evolution were being increasingly taught in schools. Evolution, or the theory that all species have developed from other species thru natural selection, challenged the beliefs of

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