Civilization Vs Civilization

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William Golding was born in 1911 in Cornwall, England. In 1930 Golding attended Brasenose College to achieve a degree in science. After years of studying science William Golding decided to switch majors and study English Literature. At the beginning of World War II, Golding joined the Royal Navy, during his time in the Navy he saw the destruction humans can convey and how a normal person can go from a civilized human being to a savage. After the war, he went back to teaching and started writing his books again. His most famous novel Lord of the Flies was published in 1954. The events he saw at war made his associate the war with evil, which he put into Lord of the Flies (Golding.) Throughout the novel, Golding symbolized civilization in …show more content…

Being civilized with morals is important because morals help strive for the best in society. Some of the morals were taught in school, tell the truth, be coragrous, do not cheat or judge and be trustworthy as as few examples. (RUNON) Out of school, the morals still apply but the list can change. Examples are: self control, being accountable, being tolerant of differences, and having justice. With all these rules it acts like a punishment versus reward behavior. Local communities hold many morals or values that people can see and young ones can take as a good act, when in reality is not. All the institutions, and people in the world teach the morals and values that individuals and communities need. Cruelty and combat contradict civil morality and it is shown every day. Civilized people have their morals, but the people who are in power do not have the same morals that a middle class person would. The power of countries changes every day because of new people in charge. The thoughts certain people who are in power can change how they think on a subject or change their prospective all together. “If your actions inspire other to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader” (John Quincy Adams). But with Ralph as the leader of the group and Jack being the provider of food and the self-known leader of the hunters the boys crash because they see each other as a threat to their own power (Golding). The Constitution is 12 pages long, from the executive

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