Classical Hollywood Style

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Classical Hollywood narrative 'Classical Hollywood cinema possesses a style which is largely invisible and difficult for the average spectator to see. The narrative is delivered so effortlessly and efficiently to the audience that it appears to have no source. It comes magically off the screen.' John Belton, film scholar, Rutgers University Classical Hollywood narrative refers to the filmmaking tradition established in Hollywood during the 1920s and 1930s. It became the dominant style throughout the western world against which all other styles were judged. While there have been some challenges to it in recent years, it remains the accepted style for most Hollywood films today. The Hollywood style is so effective in convincing us …show more content…

In this respect we are god-like - we can see everything! This makes the style of storytelling objective, according to film academics David Bordwell and Kristen Thompson. It also allows us to accept simultaneous time or parallel editing (see page 25). Character driven. The American style of cinema is almost exclusively concerned with individual characters (and stars). This contrasts sharply with the Soviet montage style of

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